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Welcome to The Twister Girl Balloon Company

Creative Marketing services

What We Do?

As a creative lead generation target marketing company we want to help your business grow.

We will take the time to learn  about your product or services.

We market using the face to face method which is the most effective marketing technique when it comes to obtaining new customers.

Our special Speed Lead Team will represent & market your business to potential customers and get quality leads for your company,

How We Do It?


We provide our speed lead team  for marketing events (Depending on the anticipated event crowd size number of team members may vary.)

We represent your business by wearing your companies uniform. 

We will pass out business cards, flyers and other products that represent your brand.

We travel to over hundreds of events per year.

We attract large crowds with our creative Balloon Twisting skills.

We will navigate through crowds strategically with speed  while promoting and collecting quality leads for your business.


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